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(#7) Norman Rockwell
an old man and woman looking at a computer screen while sitting in front of a coffee cup
an older man laying in bed next to a dog
Jim Daly
a painting of two people sitting at a table with food and drinks in front of them
a painting of an elderly woman reading books in front of a pile of books and plants
a book with an image of a mouse sitting on top of a bed reading a book
25 Beloved, Time-Tested Read Alouds For Young Children
a room with a large window and lots of books on the table in front of it
Treasured Past by Alexei Butirskiy
a room filled with lots of books and a statue next to a window covered in candles
i bleed just to drown you — by alexei butirskiy
two pictures of children sleeping in bed under a tree with snow on the ground and one has
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