'Veritas, equitas' tapestry / jacquard crochet fingerless gloves, designed by Danielle Kassner, made / photographed by Stacey Glasgow


Not sure what these patterns were originally for.but I think they'd translate great to peyote, brick stitch or loom bead work


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Mittens from sweater

Mary Mulari has a pattern for recycled wool sweater mittens. Wash & dry wool sweater to felt it; stitch on pattern line, THEN cut mitten from sweater

Mittens from Finland

Satumetsä-lapaset // Fairy tale forest -mittens, design by Katja Lehtonen

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Фото, автор deguciai на Яндекс.Фотках

DROPS Valentine: Knitted DROPS mittens with hearts in ”Merino Extra Fine”.