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Madonna cavorts with Udo Kier and a bevy of nude gay porn dudes in a shot from the bestselling "SEX" book. Remember standing in line and paying a few bucks to get 5 minutes to look through it since it was so hard to come by?


Here are 20 Michelle Williams Pixie Haircuts for a new stylish pixie hair. If you can’t be daring, Williams’ pixie hairstyles are very sweet and sleek idea.

orange and lace

I love lace and vintage style, so this is perfect. Not my favorite color, but it's still beautiful. Anthropologie Tangerine Flicker Dress DIY: Love this concept.

Apple Cider Punch

Apple Cider Punch: Pour an ounce or 2 of rum into a glass. Top with apple cider. You can have it over ice or warm the cider. Top with a touch a of cinnamon, nutmeg & bitters.


David Beckham could wear anything and look sharp and thats what sets him apart. These Ray bans and white T look so simple yet the directional mod hair cut is so cool that even Levis couldn't pay good money for such style!