Fairytale Storytelling Basket

Fairy Tale Storytelling Basket - The Imagination Tree. Create a story basket full of storytelling props to retell favorite fairy tales together in a playful way! So easy to set up and beneficial for so many strands of early literacy development.

Aakkosjärjestystä, sanajärjestystä, sanaluokkiin ideaa... Legot!

Filth Wizardry: DIY spinny spellers and repurposing Duplo bricks--abc order, letter order in words

King School Library: Typing Games amazing site! Ill have to try this for the kids.

King School Library - Links to Multiple Free Typing Games (Keyboard Practice) - Check out out these typing tutorials and games to practice your own typing skills. Practice, practice, practice, and maybe someday you'll type as fast as I do.

Aakkosjärjestyksen opettelemista ja hienomotoriikkaa! Soveltuu myös vokaalien ja konsonanttien opetteluun, vierasperäisten kirjaimien opetteluun, yms.

alphabet ordering using clothes pegs snd a cost hanger - and it works on fine motor skills!

Kalevalan kankahilla

Kalevala is a collection of national poems around Finland and put into a fictional scene around "Pohjola "and "Kalevala".

for reading

Very creative bookmarks are the one with the vintage jewelry that you can hang on the ribbon. We present you wonderful bookmarks diy ideas.