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sheet music with blue and white flags on it
a wreath with two lit candles is hanging on the front door, decorated with blue and white flowers
the paper dolls are dressed in blue and white outfits with crosses on their heads, as well as flags
askartelu itsenäisyyspäivän kynttilä
askartelu itsenäisyyspäivän kynttilä - Google-haku
an old sheet with music notes written in spanish and english, including the words suomi 100
Puulaulu 100-vuotiaalle Suomelle
a fence that has been decorated with blue and white crosses on it, along with some trees in the background
Rieskalähteen koulu
Rieskalähteen koulu – Jöllintie 3 20300 Turku puh.02 262 9698
Suomen presidentit Presidents, People, Historian, Sweden, History Of Finland, Nordic, Sota, Scandinavia
Suomen presidentit
a map of the state of new hampshire
a book cover with an image of a flag flying in the air and clouds above it
Lippu jonka sydän lepatti - Iltasatu
Liipu, jonka sydän lepatti (satu Suomen lipusta).
the presidents of the united states are depicted in this poster
Suomen presidentit
a close up view of a blue and white crochet blanket with black stitching
Embroidery/ Vohvelitöitä
Sinistä vohveliraitaa
blue and white paper fans hanging from the ceiling
askartelua itsenäisyyspäiväksi
Kuvahaun tulos haulle askartelua itsenäisyyspäiväksi
a small wooden flag on a stand with a blue cross painted on the front and side
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