What is Diversity? {Egg Activity for Martin Luther King Jr. Day} by Mari at Kids Activities Blog


Teaching Diversity with eggs and various craft projects - click through to see them all! Perfect activities for Martin Luther King Jr Day!

What type of learner are you? Try this infographic out on yourself.

What Type of Learner Are You?

Good instructional design involves an analysis of the learner. We should ask, "Does this instructional design match my students' learning styles"? Use this infographic to reflect on various learning styles.

Learning how to tell the time basics

Learn to tell the time in English using video and pictures. A great free lesson to help who are learning to tell the time in English - learning basic English

Normikokoinen ihmiskeho.

Pink and Green Mama: * Life-Sized Body Map Kids Art Project- Maybe we'll do this but instead of the anatomy lesson- we'll just color in our clothes and stuff

moods by LEGO face.

Lego facial expressions for feelings How Do You Feel Today? Image by Designholic

You already know you don't want to read a speech verbatim from a screen or notes. You could memorize the speech word-for-word, but not everyone is able to do that--and it isn't natural. Instead, use "key images" to remember your important points.

Memorize a Speech with a “Key Image”


"Season Match-Up": FREE Printable 4 Seasons Matching Worksheet

I'm totally a right-brainer but I LOVE organizing, probably because I have so much fun and see art in planning. (?)

Psychology infographic and charts Left Brain vs. Right Brain (Infographic) Infographic Description Left Brain vs. Right Brain -- Have you ever wondered why


Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

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9 infographics that promote reading

The benefits of reading books (infographic) FRIENDLY STAFF JAN For anyone who questions how the humanities are beneficial. Some of these go for art too.