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an old black and white photo of a large building on the corner of a street
1950 luku suomessa
1950 oulun tori - Google-haku
an old architectural drawing of a tower with a clock on it's side and other details
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Oulun kirkko vuoden 1822 palon jalkeen.
an old black and white photo of people walking down the street in front of buildings
an old black and white painting with people on it
Oulun torilla vilinää vanhoina aikoina
1930 Oulu fall market, people bought herring and bagels. - Oulun syysmarkkinat, ihmiset ostivat silakkaa ja rinkeleitä.
a drawing of an old castle with towers
oulunlinna - Google-haku
sokeri-jussi laiva - Google-haku
sokeri-jussi laiva - Google-haku
Pikisaari (Oulu) – Wikipedia Paris, History, Paris Skyline
Pikisaari (Oulu) – Wikipedia
the building is yellow and white with red roof
School in Oulu, Finland
an aerial view of a small town with a church in the center and trees surrounding it
Pohjois-Pohjanmaan museo — tuhannen tarinan paikka
pienoismalli Oulu vuonna 1938
an old building on the corner of a street with cars parked in front of it
Some Greek statues in central Oulu.
an old brick building with two bicycles parked in front
Kruununmakasiini in Oulu by karivi, via Flickr
cars are parked in front of an old building on the side of a street with several windows
Kajaanintullin koulu
an old drawing of a town by the water with a boat in front of it
Oulu – Wikipedia
Oulu1800 - Oulu – Wikipedia
an old yellow building with two towers on top and trees in the foreground, surrounded by snow
City Hall, Oulu, Finland
an old building on the corner of a street