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Be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. TOP 10 HIGHEST PAYING NURSING JOBS #Nurse #Jobs

aWould you like to know just how much a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary is? Within this article we give you the details of what a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary range is.

How to Study in Nursing School: Format for Nursing Process

How to Survive Nursing School Video. Welcome the newest addition to the iStudentNurse Team, Vlogger Ashley Adkins. Check out her video for brilliant ways to thrive in nursing school

Tiny Hand. the beauty of love and touch. we make connections at a very young age that last a life time and beyond

the miracle of life- how can anyone say they are not babies before they are born? How can anyone even consider murdering these innocent angels through abortion? They are living, feeling, beautiful little people, and to deny them life is a crime.

'Morning Routines for ADHD Children: Rise and Shine for School'  By John Taylor, Phd - "1) Establish and review the morning routine. Together with your child, create a chart that details the sequence in which each morning activity should take place 2) Morning starts the night before 3) Waking up may be troublesome 4) Getting from bed to the door requires timing."

Many ADHD children need organization and motivation advice for waking up and getting out the door in the morning. Here's how parents can help kids rise and shine for school.

How long do we need to practice skin-to-skin after birth for it to be beneficial? Can mom's who undergo c-sections do it? Can dads do it safely? Find out in this post!

We know skin-to-skin contact after birth makes a huge difference for mother and baby, but for how long? How soon after birth? Can it be interrupted? Can dads do it too? This Skin-to-Skin Care After Birth answers all your questions!


According to the March of Dimes, there are more than half a million babies are born prematurely annually in United States. In up to 40 percent of cases, the cause of premature birth is unknown. What might a premature birth indicate?

Keeping Up With The Haneys: 10 THINGS NOT TO SAY TO PARENTS OF PREEMIES #nicu #preemie #prematurity

Wow I cannot believe people have actually said these things to a parent with a preemie. preemie parents ROCK, and their babies are the ultimate rockstars!