cabinporn: “ Submitted by Ann Engström: “ Our Swedish summerhouse has been in the family for over 100 years, the wood-fired sauna was a recent addition based on original drawings of a bath house that.

Karelian Pasties

Cloudberry Quark: Leftover Tuesday Carroty Karelian Pasties - I Cook Different

I'm not from Finland but my Grandparents were. But we don't eeven have polar bears here in Finland.

Art Museum Tampere catalog (1991)

"Mumin: Das Mumintal", Art Museum Tampere, catalog Tampere, Finland Softcover, cover (c) Tove Jansson


Visiting a lake or well is traditional for some on Lughnasadh

Tampere by Okko Sorma

Pyynikki ridge, Tampere Finland, by Okko Sorma// I live right next to this forest. My daily walking to school goes across this forest. I cry there.

Old mill of Gust. Ranin near Kuopio harbor.

Old mill of Gust. Ranin near Kuopio harbor.