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"I suppose this happened very early on in their relationship, before John knew Sherlock well enough to understand how much this would hurt his feelings, but I still get a little mad at him every time I watch this scene.">>> jawn be nice!


"We're laughing but we're also dead inside." The most true statement ever. Everyone i meet is always like "only three episodes a season?" And i'm like "Yes, each 90 mins long and heart wrenching at the end of a season.

Ttouch is awesome! There is a large animals tract, a companion animals tract, and the newest: for humans. Well worth experiencing...and learning!

Tellington TTouch - "TTouch helps increase levels of self confidence, self awareness and self-control."T touch worked wonders for our puppy mill survivor, Otis Redding, I swear by it, just ask Oaty bear!

XD I ship it lol

"I SHIP IIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT SOOOOOOO HARD" Come on, that challenge was begging to be accepted.<<< omg I ship it<<<<and then the shipping gods ascended upon the book and the pen, and said "let it be so." Thus, the ship set sail.