Crochet Pot Holder exhibit by Conceptual Crochet Artist Anu Tuominen

Not a quilt but an amazing display of potholders . Bright Things: Anu Tuominen’s Crochet Potholder Installation

Anu Tuominen

"Anu Tuominen is one of the most acclaimed conceptual artists in Finland". pot holders installed She collects and organizes flea mar.

Puolukoita - Survimen idea 2001

Anu Tuominen Lingonberries - The Idea of a Masher

Anu Tuominen: one strawberry, the rest is milk, 2002

One Strawberry, The Rest Is Milk (crocheting) 2002 Anu Tuominen

Anu Tuominen - Buscar con Google

Anu Tuominen - Buscar con Google