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chickens and roosters are eating out of a hanging pumpkin shaped lantern in an enclosed area
Try This DIY Hanging Pumpkin Treat
the shelves are filled with many different types of items in them, and one shelf is empty
20 DIY Chicken Brooders from the Low Cost to the Beautiful and Durable
a chicken is standing in the hay under a curtain
Chicken Coops 101: Drafts vs. Ventilation
an alpaca standing in front of a flock of black birds with pink lettering
Fun "Fact" dump for your afternoon dump:
how to kill parasites in chickens using essential oils for chicken health and nutrition
How To Kill Parasites In Chickens Using Essential Oils - The Organic Goat Lady
How To Kill Parasites In Chickens Using Essential Oils! Raising Chickens For Beginners, Natural Wormer For Chickens, Natural Chicken Care, Essential Oil Recipes, Homestead Help For Beginners, Self Sufficiency
a bowl filled with food sitting on top of a counter next to a candy bar
Chicken Worming – the organic and low cost treatment
Chicken Worming Mash
a chicken coop with hay in the floor and a window above it that says faith
Three Secrets to a Clean Chicken Coop
3 Tips for a Clean Chicken Coop Keeping your chicken coop clean isn't hard with these easy tips.
chickens in a coop with the words got poop? here's how to get rid off it
6 Ways to dispose of coop bedding
Chickens make a lot of poop, and you have to get rid of it somehow! 6 different ways to get rid of the coop litter. Easy ways to dispose of chicken poop!