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a cross stitch pattern with a black and white cat's face in the middle
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78 (2)
the knitting pattern for socks is shown in black and white
Hilma -kirjoneulesukat ♥ OHJE!
Viimenkin se on julkaisuvalmis, ohje Hilma- kirjoneulesukkiini. :) Tässä alla on ohje kuvakaappauksina, mutta sama ohje löytyy myös sivupa...
a pair of white socks with holes in the middle and pink booties on top
Suloiset Pöllövillasukat (sis. ohje)
Näitä tarvitset: Seitsemän Veljestä (valkoinen) Puikot 3.5 48 silmukkaa, 12 puikolle Langan menekki n.100g 16 helmeä silmiksi...
the back side of a knitted sweater with numbers on it and an image of knitting stitches
узор сова спицы | Фотографии и советы на Постиле
большая подборка вещей вязанных узором СОВА Варежки с узором сова, вязанные спицами
a graph that shows the number of people in each country
Tricksy Knitter chartmaker
Tricksy Knitter Charts: scallops blue
two pictures showing different types of knitting yarns and the words, ohue help to knit
Ohje: Smokkineule eli rypytetty joustinneule
Neuleohje: lyhde, smokkineule, rypytetty joustinneule - rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä.
an image of different patterns and colors
the legs of someone wearing socks that are knitted to look like they have eyes on them
Kun äiti kelaa - blog: Marisukat
cross stitch pattern with blue eyes and the names of each individual eye, in different colors
Kun äiti kelaa - blog: Mari socks pattern
an info sheet with different types of cars and trucks on the road, from top to bottom
Complete Crochet Hook Size and Yarn Weight Guide
When working on a crochet pattern, it's good to get a feel for the different yarn weights and hook sizes out there to help you decide what to work on. This crochet size and weight infographic breaks down the different yarn weights out there and the specifics of each in terms of type, weight, wraps per inch and ply, as well as the different crochet hook sizes with both the letter designation and the measurement.<br /> This infographic even includes a handy description of what projects w... Mo...
a woman is wearing a knitted glove with skulls on it
utako's Polar Bear Mittens
Ravelry: utako's Polar Bear Mittens
the lines are drawn in different directions
SCIALLI schemi crochet RUSSO
the crochet is being worked on with yarn
"It's interesting technology"
what a cool idea, and easy way to add texture. there aren't really directions ❀❀❀Teresa Restegui ❀❀❀
the crochet pattern is shown on an iphone screen, and it appears to be in
pattern crochet doily - creJJtion
pattern crochet doily