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Sielulintu:  Finnish mythological bird who protects one's soul while being asleep.

Sielulintu- Finnish myth: a baby carrying or soul protecting bird. It protected a persons soul at its most vulnerable, while it dreamt. It was tradition to keep a wooden bird next to the bed while one slept.

Reconstructed from archeological finds: Iron-age costume from Eura, western Finland (worn by the President of Finland on Independence Day 2002).

Reconstructed from archaeological finds. The brooches at each shoulder seem to be Viking tortoise design as is the coin laden necklace, so I'm not sure how accurate this is for the Iron Age

In Karelia there was an ancient belief in the Sielulintu or Soul bird. It was believed the Sielulintu protected a persons soul at its most vulnerable when dreaming. It was tradition to keep a carved wooden bird by the bedside to keep the soul safe during sleep. Use this bird as a symbol of good luck, protection and happiness.

Soul Bird

soul birds are said to keep the soul safe during sleep and protect a person's soul at its most vulnerable.

by Jenni Saarenkyla, inspired by Finnish folktale Kalevala

Jenni Saarenkyla - "I got the idea for this illustration from the old stories about the bear in Finnish folklore. In the olden days the bear was the most sacred animal and some even believed that when the bear moved the forest moved with it".

The curious designs of Pentti Sarpaneva brim with life. His large, dramatic pieces combine traditional themes of nature and Finnish culture. He was a graphic artist before he began to explore jewelry design. Influenced by the tumultuous natural landscape of Finland, he produced explosive designs based on natural elements such. Sarpaneva produced these creations under the firms of Turun Hopea and Kalevala Koru.

Reserved for J - Silver Modernist Finland Vintage Pentti Sarpaneva Bracelet Pitsi