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dark seed game cover | mame n a game manual download game music n a also on commodore amiga ...

Darkseed, a horror point-and-click adventure game H. Giger worked on, released for Amiga and DOS in

Zaxxon (we had the Atari version & played it for hours)

A look back at the classic Sega video game "Zaxxon" from the inc. dozens of video clips, photos and facts. home computer, arcade and table top Coleco versions and the sequel Super Zaxxon.

The most expressive VGA graphics at the time! Puzzles were moderately challenging.

The Legend of Kyrandia: Book One - The Legend of Kyrandia was the first in a trilogy of adventures from Westwood. In this game you play the role of Brandon, grandson of Kallak - a wizard of the realm of Kyrandia.