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Okay, it's not crochet, but this is an absolutely darling knit owl pattern. This owl hat is just gorgeous and the pattern is FREE!

i want to make on of these! Have to learn to knit first - Milo & Mitzy chunky blankets

Milo & Mitzy chunky blankets Examples of what I should crochet or knit over the winter.finding wool would be the only thing I need!

Echtstudio: The shrug blog

The shrug - all useful and forever cool. I love shrugs and always look for them - in shops and knitting patterns

Ideal für LOTUS Winter Sun regular http://www.schmeichelgarne.de/shop/lotus-winter-sun oder LOTUS Tibetan Cloud Yakwolle http://www.schmeichelgarne.de/shop/lotus-tibetan-cloud-yak *kirsten*

Top 10 Amazing Knitting Patterns

Chouette by Katy Tricot. Loved knitting this hat and it has a full range of sizes from baby to adult. It is funny how motifs recycle. I knit owls for my son when he was a baby. Craft Ideas,Crafts,DIY baby,I love owls!