Mikko Mallikas

Mikko Mallikas

Mikko Mallikas
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anime with long black hair

"Looooong, Straight, Black Hair with Straight Bangs" original illustration by Kazuharu Kina.She looks like Fem Japan only with long black hair

blonde hair blue eyes blush breasts cleavage elbow gloves gloves headgear highres huge breasts iowa (kantai collection) kantai collection kloah long hair looking at viewer open mouth simple background solo star star-shaped pupils symbol-shaped pupils

hyperdimension neptunia green heart

Hyperdimension Neptunia Green Heart, aka Vert, the CPU of Leanbox! I love that the names of all the countries are spoofs of consoles.

hyperdimension neptunia noire

re 270390 chibi choujigen_game_neptune kami_jigen_game_neptune_v noire thighhighs tsunako.