Highlights from Our Visit to Helsinki

Helsinki is a trendy, hip, and all around awesome city. This post outlines everything this city has to offer and what we loved about it.

Helsinki @ sunset

Helsinki, Finland (by John C.) Raitio vaunut and the streets mom told me she had a hard time walking on as a teen in high heels --- I had a hard time walking in heels too in a Finland and that's recently!

Kotiharju public sauna, Kallio, Helsinki, Finland.

Men are sitting and cooling down after sauna. This is one of the last few public saunas left in Helsinki downtown.


Carpet washing platform or "mattolaituri" in Finnish. These can be found all over Finland, by rivers, lakes or the sea.

Harjutorin sauna, Helsinki, Finland

This one of the last "common" saunas in Helsinki. It´s called Harjutorin sauna.

Regatta cafe

Essi recommends: Visiting the funny cafe Regatta at the seaside of Töölö.

Restaurant Day by Cocoa. A food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant for a day.

Restaurant Day is a food carnival created by thousands of people organizing and visiting one-day restaurants worldwide. The idea of the day is to have fun, share new food experiences and enjoy our common living environments together.

Our city is your city (Helsinki in 1 minute)

Viada Oy Ltd. presents: Helsinki - The daughter of the Baltic

White Lilies, Helsinki, Finland

Office view from Helsinki City, March 2nd, captured end edited by Jouni Jyllinmaa

Office view from Helsinki City, March captured end edited by Jouni Jyllinmaa