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a wooden shelf with numbers and jars on it in front of a red background that is also filled with spools of thread
Simple Spool Advent Calendars | Cathe Holden
Simple Spool Advent Calendars | Just Something I Made
three small flower pot holders on top of a book with clothes pins attached to them
Make a Thread Spool Photo Holder with Buttons!
Connie is here with the Buttons Galore design team today sharing a simple and cute (as a button) thread spool photo holder!
a pair of earrings hanging from a metal hook on a wooden stick with wire attached to it
Vintage Bobbin Beaded Earrings - Etsy
Vintage Bobbin Beaded Earrings
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to some cups and saucers
Dit vind ik een hele mooie
elzaborduur: Maak Het FF-Maddy's blog: Pin van de week
two necklaces with wooden beads hanging from chains on a white surface, one is gold and the other is silver
spool necklaces - - Image Search Results
spool necklaces - Mozilla Yahoo Image Search Results
two necklaces with sewing needles and beads hanging from them
Wooden Spool Necklace
Tea Rose Home: Wooden Spool Necklace
a wooden stand with some sewing items on it
Art Part Addict....
sew cute!
a spool of thread sitting on top of a table
Wooden Spool Photo Holder.
three miniature photos are placed on top of a wooden stand
How-To: Wooden Spool Picture Holder | Make:
three christmas ornaments hanging from chains on a green background with bows and bells attached to them
spool ornaments
more thread spool ornaments
several spools of thread and wooden spools on the floor next to each other
vintage spools
a small figurine sitting on top of a pink vase with buttons in it
Fairy mystic Assemblage Art Doll - Etsy
Another altered doll made out of a tart tin and spool of thread. Her etsy has awesome dolls