Alan Hadley

Alan Hadley

Hi so I am Alan, I like photography and music, I play guitar in a band, I'm into a lot of fandom-y stuff and that's about it.
Alan Hadley
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Attention Whovians!

fandom reprezent~ Doctor Who - Impossible Astronaut - "What were these tally marks for again?"<----- Are you kidding me! Do you not remember the Silence!

This is a very cool perspective picture. Taking the picture from a different view (through the water) adds enhancement on the Eiffel Tower and it's cool how it's upside down through the water.

Photograph by Jennifer Kitchen Leading Lines, Reflection, Tone Leading lines are made by the Eiffel Tower in the background and the couture of the wine glass. There are three Eiffel Towers, two are reflections. The grey hues of the image give it tone.

Ah, I finally figured out what a "dweek" is: it's one of those fans who are really only fans of David Tennant and Matt Smith, not the Doctor. They watch Doctor Who like they watch Glee. For the hot guys and not any kind of plot. It's interchangeable with "gleek" and "hipster" probably. *Side note: not that I don't love David Tennant and Matt Smith, just . . .«««I love the Doctor as much as I love the actors

This is pretty true because my friends dont watch/get doctor who so I just explain it to them and they become super confused and I just walk off shaking my head XD