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two pictures with different designs on them, one has hearts and the other has circles
Фото 863656020218 из альбома Работы участников группы. Смотрите в группе Фриволите в ОК
the diagram shows how many circles are arranged in order to make an interesting pattern for this piece
an open book with two drawings on it and another drawing in the bottom right corner
Медникова, Яковлева - Фриволите - 1992
an image of a drawing on paper with lace and scissors in the shape of hearts
an image of the instructions for crochet laces and beads on a blue background
an old book with some drawings on it
an image of some sort of structure with numbers and symbols on it, in russian
an open book with drawings on it and instructions to draw flowers in the pages, including circles
Tatting lace nihon
the diagram shows how to make a circular wreath with circles and dots on each side
an open book with instructions on how to sew and crochet necklaces
Frivolite s biserom
the diagram shows an arrangement of circles with numbers on each side and two dots at the top
an image of a page with numbers and symbols on it, including the number of circles
two pictures showing the same piece of crochet
there is a piece of white crochet with red beads on it