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Cultural center of Marrakech, Morocco Cultural Center Architecture, Landscape Design Competition, Apartments Exterior, Urban Design Concept, Resort Architecture, Concept Models Architecture, Pavilion Architecture, Conceptual Architecture, Architecture Design Sketch
Influoasis is a cultural center which is living with influencers and which influence the region with its modern architectural design principles that inspired from Moroccan traditional architecture and sustanibility methods. #Landscapedesigncompetition
a person standing on a bench in front of a pond with trees and buildings behind it
NTNU University Campus
KOHT Arkitekter – NTNU University Campus
an image of people walking up stairs in the hallway with elephants and birds flying overhead
an architectural rendering shows the inside and outside of a building with people walking around it
Chaar Dewar - Little Big Loo 2020 Architecture Competition Honors
Chaar Dewar - Little Big Loo 2020 Architecture Competition Honors architecture Competition Board | architecture Competition Sheets | architecture Competition Boards winner | architecture Competition Poster | architecture Competition Layout | architecture Competition Panel | architecture Competition Landscape | architecture Competition Presentation | architecture Competition Tiny House | architecture Competition Drawings | architecture contest Presentation | architecture contest Board |
an architectural drawing showing the floor plan for a building
an artistic building that looks like it has been designed to look like a bird's nest