Beautiful Blue Cornflowers  JOLIS  BLEUETS  **+

Cornflowers - national flower of Estonia

Violet for Bobby & me


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Dream a little dream... by Peter Spellerberg on 500px

Dream a little dream - ( Pulsatilla Vugaris) by Peter Spellerberg

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Stunning nature: Alpine Forget-Me-Not


These should be flowering here in NH any time now! Be prepared to did through those forest floor leaves to find the flowers! You can buy these as bulbs, totally worth it. They are a true periwinkle color!

Yksi maailman suloisimmista kukista.

Alpine Forget-Me-Nots by Dean Franklin. Alpine Forget-Me-Nots (Myosotis alpestris) growing in the woods along Campbell Creek in Anchorage. Forget-Me-Nots are the Alaska state flower.

Bunch of Lily of The Valley flowers

Just beautiful.Reminds me of the rock gardens in our back yard when I was a child. They were full of Lilly of the Valley and we cleaned them every spring.I loved the Lilly of the Valley even as a very young girl.

Metsäorvokki, Viola riviniana - Kukkakasvit - LuontoPortti

Uncommonly beautiful, the Common Dog Violet, Viola riviniana - Flowers - NatureGate

Flower lily of the valley white | Bloem Lelietje van Dalen wit

Flower lily of the valley white

followthewestwind:    Bluebells by Liisamaria on Flickr.    Re-blogged pretty purple picture. (all-shades-of-purple):  Полевые  цветы.

Also known as the Scottish bluebell.

Kielo - National Flower of Finland

Magical, Lily of the Valley, Russian Federation, fairy light post!

Campanula by Elena Andreeva - Photo 223337737 / 500px

Campanula by Elena Andreeva - Photo 223337737 /


End of a beautiful shooting day in Harz National Park, Germany.