I could adapt this SOO easily for Art I or Pre AP - Draw the objects on Black paper-- MUST do this!

The Lost Sock : Rainbow Glass Still life. Need to create bottle templates to draw around. Use Watercolour pencils on white paper, or pastels on dark paper.

Opetusvinkkejä Alhojärven koululta

Opetusvinkkejä Alhojärven koululta

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Art project- Perspective optical illusion drawing with shading



Op Art - Using isometric paper - printable - Part 6: Dice - FruBilledkunst

Op Art - Using isometric paper - printable - Part Dice - FruBilledkunst

Name art for the beginning of school

CC Cycle -week 5 fine arts -perspective drawing -do this with the children's names

3rd grade OP ART. paper weaving

OP ART Checkerboard with spheres

Dirksen Dabbles: art lessons - shading with color

colored pencil value drawing

Artsonia Art Museum :: "Looking up at Snowmen - new perspectives in 3rd Grade" by msallums1

Use Artsonia Kids' Art Museum to showcase student artwork. Theres over 13 million pieces displayed.

Artolazzi: One Point Perspective Names

My home school group learned about one point perspective while creating these!

Year 5 Paul Klee Cats   Pastel                Year 3 - Hot/Cold Mountains   Pastel                    Year 1 - Fruit Slice    Medium & ...

From the Art Class of Mangapapa School