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Despite being a tongue-in-cheek depiction of girls in uniform, Albert's Bergeret's collection of playing cards entitled 'Women of the Future' turned out to be an eerily accurate portrait of the modern world.    The French illustrator, renowned for his post cards, created a series of drawings in 1902 showing girls dressed as soldiers, lawyers, journalists and even army generals.

Soyouthinkyoucansee “The Women of The Future,” according to 1902 French trading cards. In a French trading card manufacturer released a curious batch of playing cards depicting women and their.

Nellie Bly journalist around the world 80 days Michelle Carr Crowe blog image

Nellie Bly was born in 1864 and was a pioneer in the field of investigative journalism. In addition to her record-breaking trip around the world (in 72 days), she also faked insanity to study a mental institution from inside its walls.

Peggy Hull - World War One Correspondent - El Paso Morning Times and the Army Edition of Chicago Tribune (Paris) 1917

Peggy Hull, The first female journalist accredited by the U. War Department and a founder of the Overseas Press Club.