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Maple Oat Sourdough Sandwich Bread
Lightly sweetened, maple oat sourdough sandwich bread features whole rolled oats and whole wheat flour. It has a soft tender crumb and earthy flavor, ideal for sammies and toast! Use a fluffy, doubled in size Sourdough Bread Starter for the best crumb.
a loaf of bread sitting in a pan on top of a counter
Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread
Whole Wheat Sourdough Sandwich Bread | This easy recipe uses a ready-to-go sourdough starter and King Arthur whole wheat flour for a slightly tangy, perfectly sweet and fluffy loaf every time. Prepare the dough in the evening and let it rest overnight before baking; with very little effort (but a bit of patience) you will be enjoying the best tender, sliceable, favorite toppings-worthy sandwich bread made with healthier whole wheat.
blueberry rolls on a white plate with the title text reads, sourdough blueberry rolls a blossoming life
Blueberry Sourdough Sweet Rolls
Fluffy, buttery, blueberry sourdough sweet rolls are a sweet and tangy dough baked with a blueberry, brown sugar sauce for a delightful breakfast treat. #ablossominglife #sourdough #sourdoughdessert #blueberryrolls
chocolate brownie cookies on a white plate with the words, sourdough chocolate brownie cookies
Sourdough Discard Chocolate Brownie Cookies
3h 40m
a stack of pancakes with butter on top and the words, the best sourdough pancakes
The Best Sourdough Pancakes
These fluffy sourdough pancakes are super simple to whip up with just a few basic ingredients. Light and fluffy with a little bit of crispiness, it is easy to see why this recipe is our favorite. Add toppings like blueberries or chocolate chips to make an extra special weekend morning treat. #farmbouseonboone #sourdoughpancakes #pancakes #sourdough
a close up of granola in a bowl with a wooden spoon on the side
Sourdough Granola - Made in Motherhood
This sourdough granola recipe is the perfect sourdough discard recipe! It’s easy to make, fuss free, and delicious!
this is an image of homemade sourdough apple bread
Sourdough Apple Bread
This Sourdough Apple Bread is a sweet sourdough discard recipe. Made with juicy apples, cinnamon, and sugar, it is the perfect blend of flavors. This sourdough discard apple bread goes great with a hot cup of coffee or tea!
banana bread with chocolate chips in a metal pan on a white background text reads, sourdough biscuit banana bread with chocolate chips
Sourdough Discard Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips
1h 5m