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-Adornment: Jewelry

Wenatchee Valley College Library
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Niello techniques and processes – Niello, is a black metallic alloy of sulfur with silver, copper, or lead that is used to fill designs that have been engraved on the surface of a metal (usually silver) object. Ethnic Jewels Magazine
Enamelling as a guide to date – Ethnic Jewels Magazine
Niello techniques and processes – Ethnic Jewels Magazine

jewelry making, restoration & technique

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Chinese Gold Jewelry – by Barbara Steinberg – Ethnic Jewels Magazine
The Queen of Gems: Pearls throughout history - Duran Textiles Newsletter.  Newsletter no. 5-2007
The Great Pretenders - imitations of gemstones in the 18th century. Duran Textiles Newsletter.  Newsletter no. 6-2007

gem stones, metalwork & pearls

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Bracelet. Zuni circa 1920. New Mexico. Silver & turquoise
Indonesia. Main Design Component of an Armband, Gold, Indonesia (Java)
Asia or Iran. Armband, One of a Pair, Silver, chased, with gilt embossing, decorative wire, stamped beading, tablecut carnelians, and turquoise beads

bracelets & arm jewelry

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Earring, Gold, Indonesia (Java) 8th–early 9th century or earlier
Yar! Pirates and ear jewelry have a legendary history.
Pair of earrings. Etruscan. 6th century BC | Louvre Museum | Paris

ear ornaments

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Mesopotamia - Queen Shubad's headdress.  Penn Museum
Iran. 12-13th century. Hair Ornament, Gold; cast, fabricated, engraved, with a copper alloy inner sleeve, decorated with twisted wire and granulation
8th - 10th century Indonesia. Hair Ornament, Gold, Indonesia (Java)

head & hair jewelry

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Necklace ca.1897-1900 René-Jules Lalique was born in the Marne region of France.  As a young student he showed great artistic promise and his mother guided him toward jewelry making.  From 1876 to 1878 he apprenticed with Louis Aucoc, a noted Parisian jeweler
Islamic Culture. Egyptian found in Ethiopia. Necklace made of glass beads, with silver charm-cases attached.
Pendant. late 4th-3rd century B.C. Western Mediterranean. Hellenic period.

necklace & pendants

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Frankish. 7th century. Disk Brooch, Gold sheet, filigree, moonstone/adularia, glass cabochons, garnets, mother-of-pearl, and moonstone, Frankish
Brooch,  1837–1907 Ridgefield, Connecticut), Gold, amethyst, demantoid garnet, and enamel, American
Brooch, Copper alloy, Celtic ca. 600 B.C.

pins & clasps & watches

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Rings Medieval, 1500-1530
Memento mori ring remembering Augusta Bruce, Europe, 1701-1800
Rings of the world A – D | Ethnic Jewels Magazine


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Tiffany Rowe describes herself as a slightly eccentric British-Swiss jewellery designer who lives and works in the beautiful city of Geneva. – Ethnic Jewels Magazine
Daniella Dobesova – Designer – Ethnic Jewels Magazine
Andrea Williams is an independent fine art jewelry designer living in New England. She is an accomplished metalsmith who specializes in contemporary, eco-conscious, nature inspired jewelry. – Ethnic Jewels Magazine

contemporary styles

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