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an outdoor dining table set up with white linens and flowers on the table, surrounded by tall trees
Blanca Miró looked amazing in her Dior haute couture wedding dress for her bohemian wedding in Menorca
the bride and groom are walking down the street
the bride is getting ready to go into her wedding dress and make up in front of the mirror
a bride and groom are celebrating with confetti
an older woman is touching the face of her younger sister, who is wearing a veil
a bride and groom holding hands while walking down the street in their wedding gowns
Blanca Miró, maravillosa novia minimal con vestido capa de Dior, sandalias Loewe, sin ramo y del brazo de su madre
a bride and groom walking in the grass
Casilda se casa
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a building with columns
Una boda muy Baymo en Barcelona ©Berta de la Presa
a man and woman dance together at their wedding reception in front of confetti falling from the ceiling
La boda de Paula Matthei y Diego en Sevilla ©️Días de vino y rosas
Paula Matthei es la diseñadora de vestidos de novia que, igual que contó conmigo para presentar su primera colección, me ha dejado…