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an umbrella with musical notes hanging from it's sides and music notes coming out of the top
a black and white poster with the words boa tarde
if i ever got a tattoo, this would be it. i've wanted it for a long time.
colorful music notes and musical symbols on white paper
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a drawing of a guitar with a treble
Tattoo Flash - Stratocaster Guitar by AprilsInk on DeviantArt
Tattoo Flash - Stratocaster Guitar by AprilsInk
three people with musical notes tattooed on their arms
music makes the world go round
various musical symbols are shown in black and white, including trebles, music notes,
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a wrist tattoo with musical notes on it
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Matching tattoo idea so we will forever be reminded of our love. Our connection through music is like no other and I know our hearts will always beat for each other.
a black and white photo of a man's chest with a piano tattoo on it
piano tattoos
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a tree with musical notes on it and roots growing out of the bottom half of its leg
Really fun tattoo I did of a music tree with music notes for leaves and the trunk, on the side of a calf. Still one of my favorite pieces so far :)