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10 ways to Heal & Balance your chakras - There are many ways one can begin to balance their Sacral Chakra. Here are several useful methods, including aromatherapy, visualisations, affirmations, mudra, yoga poses, nutrition, reflexology color, nature and sound therapy! More
Yoga is an 8 fold path towards enlightenment. This is a spiritual practice Yogis! It is not without its merit to practice with tapas in our physical practice. This dedication brings strength, flexibility and discipline. However it is only 1 of the 8 limbs. To reap the full benefits of Yoga you must become aware of the other 8 limbs. This is when the practice becomes life changing.
10 Tips for New Yoga Teachers
Here is a yoga sequence for your heart chakra. This post is part a series of yoga sequences for the chakras. The heart chakra, Anahata, meaning 'unhurt',
8 limbs of yoga
Stunning Gallery of Mandala Henna Hand Art that Will Make You Want to Have It
I love this design but the black nails aren't ideal though... Love the idea of matching feet tattoos
Yes! This is it! This is exactly the color I want!
That blend ❤️❤️❤️ Color by @hellobalayage #hair #hairenvy #hairstyles #haircolor #bronde #balayage #highlights #newandnow #inspiration #maneinterest