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a person is holding some food in their hand and it looks like they are eating something
Smoked Lava Cheese Buns: On Being Forged in Fire — The Wondersmith
Smoked Lava Cheese Buns: On Being Forged in Fire — The Wondersmith
some cookies are sitting in a bowl on a table next to another plate full of cookies
Amber Candy and Fossil Cookies: The Evolutionary Dance of Entomophagy
jack - o'lantern orange fruit cups with berries and raspberries in them
Heidi Phippen Site – Your SUPER-powered WP Engine Site
Jack-O-Lantern Orange Fruit Cups: Halloween is such a fun holiday; I love coming up with all sorts of fun and cute crafts and projects that I can do with or for my kids. And from making milk jug jack-o-lanterns to scattering plastic spiders around to baking Halloween-themed treats, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. I’m pretty sure I could do new cute projects every year and never run out of ideas! This Halloween, I’m making these adorable Jack-O-Lantern Orange Fruit Cups.
a hand holding a brush over a green substance in a plastic container on a white surface
NameBright - Coming Soon
Glow in the dark cupcake frosting using tonic water and jello MIND BLOWN
the instructions for making cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles
Skeleton Halloween Cupcakes
Easy Skeleton Cupcakes for Halloween!
three pictures showing the process of carving a watermelon
Watermelon Brain Recipe + Halloween Food Recipes Cookbook
For lab.