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a cardboard model of an airplane sitting on top of a cutting mat with scissors next to it
DIY Giraffe Costume - Photo 2/3
Colleen: My 10-year-old daughter Emily is wearing this giraffe costume that I made for her. It is made from recycled cardboard assembled with hot glue and covered in yellow and brown...
a green box with pink paper flowers in the shape of a cactus on top of it
50+ Adorable DIY Valentine's Box Ideas That Kids Will Love
this is an image of two boxes made to look like unicorns
Unikitty Valentine's Box
a sculpture of a llama with a balloon on it's head, sitting on top of a table
Llama Valentine box
Vanity make up valentine box
a pink and white pony with a heart on it's back sitting on a table
Unicorn Valentines Day Box
a pink bag with a cat face on it and a rainbow streamer in the mouth
Caticorn Valentine Box