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an image of a computer screen with people on it
Taskie - Calendar View
Taskie - Calendar View
the dashboard screen shows different times and places to go in each country's destination
Designing complex products
an image of a map with different locations on it and the same location in the screen
Best Web Design Inspiration — Dashboards — #21
an image of the course activity page on a mobile device, with icons and text
Course_dashboard.png by Ariuka
the dashboard screen is shown in grey and white, with an image of europe on it
Wireframe Examples for Websites & Mobile Apps | Adobe XD Ideas
Wireframe Examples for Websites and Mobile Apps - Thinking Design by Adobe - Medium
a computer screen with a map on it
Wojciech Zieliński
an image of a map with the location of people on it and some other things to see
Logistics Platform
a map that is on the side of a computer screen, with directions to different locations
Lyft ride estimate
Lyft ride estimate
a screenshot of a map with the location of several buildings and numbers on it
Intralogistics Management Operations Cards
Intralogistics Management Operations Cards by Maciej Balasiński (magic) on Dribbble