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I love creating amigurumis - cute crochet creatures! I design all my own patterns and am inspired by anime and games. Please check out my…
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a crocheted bird sitting in a basket with pine cones on the side and text overlay that reads, bald eagle amigurni free crochet pattern
Bald Eagle Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern - Ami Amour
Bald Eagle - Free Crochet Pattern
four pictures of small white sheep in the grass, one being held up by someone's hand
Warawara Crochet Pattern - Boy and the Heron - Ami Amour
three crocheted flowers sitting next to each other on top of a cement ground
Mario Fire Flower - Free Crochet Pattern - Ami Amour
a hand holding a crocheted item with two wanted posters in the background and text overlay that reads free crochet pattern devil fruit
Devil Fruit Amigurumi - One Piece Anime Crochet Pattern - Ami Amour
crocheted skull headbands made to look like jack skellingy ears
Crochet Jack Skellington Ears - Free Pattern - Ami Amour
two crocheted stuffed animals sitting in the grass
Calvin and Hobbes - Free Crochet Pattern - Ami Amour
a crocheted hat with two cats on it and the text, totoro hat
Crochet Totoro Hat - Free Pattern - Studio Ghibli - Ami Amour
four crochet star ornaments with text overlay that says free crochet pattern
Star Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern - Ami Amour
an owl amigurum crochet pattern is shown with the text overlay
Owl Amigurumi Pattern "Dreamland" - Free Crochet Pattern - Ami Amour
Cute Owl Amigurumi with Feather Ruffles and sleepy eyes. This free owl crochet pattern is a hoot to work up! #freecrochetpatterns #amigurumi #amigurumipattern #owlamigurumi
three little pink crocheted animals sitting on top of each other in front of a person's hand
Kirby Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern - Ami Amour
a crocheted book and stuffed toy sitting next to it
Too Cute Amigurumi - Crochet Book Review - Ami Amour
a crocheted green frog holding onto a yellow pole with the caption rappung, rappungel, let down your hair
Chameleon Crochet Pattern - Pascal Amigurumi - FREE - Ami Amour
three crocheted amigurum pots with flowers in them and the words,'free
Clefairy Amigurumi - Pokemon Crochet Pattern - FREE - Ami Amour
Crochet Clefairy in this cute chibi amigurumi form with this free pattern! Features include the swirl on its head as well as wings on its back for moonlight magic!
a small crocheted stuffed animal is in the hand
Cyndaquil Amigurumi - Pokemon Crochet Pattern - FREE - Ami Amour
Here's Cyndaquil to crochet in an easy to follow free Amigurumi Pattern. It includes his features such as his snout and his fiery flame! Gotta crochet 'em all! #crochetpokemon #amigurumi #crochet #freecrochetpattern #amigurumipattern
Squid Game Amigurumi Soldier and Player - Free Crochet Pattern Crochet Game, Crochet Doll
Squid Game Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern
It's the Crochet Squid Game! Who will survive? With this free crochet pattern, create the visually striking Pink Soldiers and Green Tracksuit Players in amigurumi form. #freecrochetpattern #amigurumi