missing the mare
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a golden retriever dog wearing rubber boots and holding flowers in its mouth while standing on the front door
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a bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to green leafy branches and leaves
a white goose standing on top of a lush green field
a close up of a cat with red eyes and stripes on it's face
two horses are running through the grass in front of trees and wildflowers on a sunny day
two small white dogs running in the grass near a barn and shed on a cloudy day
Ellie May & Juliette
a fluffy white dog is flying in the air with his head above its back legs
J u r i
a white puppy jumping in the air with its paws up and his head tilted to the side
a young lion standing on top of a dirt field next to dry grass and bushes
lion behind
a lion is sitting next to a tree in the woods, with its head on it's hind legs
FOR PISCES: Something that has you very thoughtful, but of the account, everything has to do with an older woman, if you have allowed others to interfere in your private life you will see serious problems later, decisions that you will postpone once more.
a person holding a cat in their hand on top of a white bedding sheet
Кошка породы европейская бурма
Кошечка Шая