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Heather Murray
Heather Murray
Heather Murray

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two young children standing next to each other in front of a cityscape background
betsy and olivia
Heather Murray
Heather Murray Illustrators, Portrait, Artists, Photo Art, Collage Art, Vintage
My Ephemeral Imagination
Heather Murray
Heather Murray Museums, Ephemeral Art, Altered Photography, Intuitive Art
Heather Murray
two women standing next to each other in front of a bird
Heather Murray
a painting of a boy standing next to a deer
Heather Murray
a calendar with writing on it sitting on top of a table
art journal page
haley : art journal page
a drawing of a woman holding her finger to her lips with the words don't tell me sky is the limit
Don t tell me
Another gorgeous Flickr stream. This one belongs to Sandra Vandergeest
an altered photograph with writing and a heart on the page that says i love you
art journal page. Encourage kids to write on journals and to draw/find scraps for theme pages or general entry pages. It is not texting. But it can be just as fun. Annie
an open notebook with trees drawn on it
spread 2
super cool idea -- I love this!
a piece of art that has been altered to look like an open window with white wings
simply me
Cool art journal page by Donna Downey - love how she used cardboard, gesso, paint, collage & oil pastels!
an open book with altered images and writing on the pages, including a paper heart
Yes and Amen Blog
The hidden heART journal. Definitely watch the video if you wanna make an art journal, but don't know where to start.
a drawing of a tree with hearts on it and the words family written in cursive writing
Beautiful Art Journal Page that reminds me of a Carey-led project!?!
a piece of art with the words try written in black and green ink on it
textured art journal page, just try
an altered notebook with some writing on it
art journal page, making mistakes