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an apple sitting next to a wooden barrel with the initials ms and m on it
Primitive Wooden Dry Measure Grain Measure Original | Etsy
an old bucket filled with rocks on top of a table
...Zen > WabiSabi < Zen...
an old wooden box sitting on top of a rug in front of a bed and dresser
an old chair sitting in the middle of a tiled floor next to a kitchen counter
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
an old fashioned chair is up against the wall
Make Do Chair - DONE!
an old wooden spatula sitting on top of a piece of wood
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an old wooden bucket filled with wood shavings and the word corn written on it
Sold at auction White-painted Shaker
a wooden chair with a broom sticking out of it's back end, sitting on top of a piece of wood
silent solitude