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Lil Texture commission for of her OC and Antonio - Spain/Hetalia

i can just imagine this happening as eizzil is thinking about the past, questioning her choice, wondering if she was betraying enna by doing this, wondering if her heart was right. she can keep from sniffling, and then jamal comes and comforts her.

Quote on mental health stigma - I feel like I can't open up to my friends about my anxiety and depression, because they'll think I just want attention.

Mental health stigma quote - Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not signs of weakness. They are signs of trying to remain strong for far too long.

Life with Depression:

Life with Depression:depressive disorder are real mental illnesses that involve extended periods of feeling extremely low and disrupt a persons enjoyment of life.

If you are living with depression these words will be very true for you. Remember you are not alone! This post also includes a agreat resource to help you feel like yourself again!

It always blows my mind when people can't understand depression or suicide, it's like, REALLY, you've never been touched by either of these? Pretty sure that's called denial!

I've fought most of these feelings my entire life

i am.the fat friend the ugly sister the dumb classmate the second choice the depressed girl the hated child the bitch the ugly ducking the girl that will never be good enough ( this is how I feel sometimes )

~me every fucking day~

Today I feel: -abandoned -ugly -hurt -like I don't matter -useless -invisible -like I don't belong -not worthy of love -hopeless -unappreciated -numb Nevermind I feel like this everyday


I've been replaced in all of my friends groups. The people I used to spend hours talking to don't even acknowledge me anymore.