Finnish Nightmares 16.1.2016 – Kaikille tilaa riittää, kaikille paikkoja on - Viihde - Ilta-Sanomat

Finnish Nightmares – Kaikille tilaa riittää, kaikille paikkoja on

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Finland is often considered to be a nation of introverts, and the Finns are usually the first to make fun of themselves about it. "An introverted Finn looks at

finnish nightmares - Google-haku

finnish nightmares - Google-haku

Cartoons of Finnish Nightmares Even Non-Finns Can Relate To

Cartoons of "Finnish Nightmares" All Introverts Can Relate To

Finnish Nightmares

Finnish Nightmares is a new cartoon series, which shows how a stereotypical Finn deals with awkward social situations. The result is hilariously accurrate.

Finnish / I, for one, laugh and smile all the time :)

Graphic designer Karoliina Korhonen's new English-language comic strip Finnish Nightmares gained more than fans around the world in a very short time. Her comic highlights Finnish etiquette and plays on perceived Finnish awkwardness.

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Full of uncomfortable social situations.