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a row of sinks in a public restroom
Stern’s touch free wall mounted faucets and matching automatic soap dispensers from the Tubular range installed at the Bory Mall Shopping Center Bratislava Slovakia
an empty bathroom with white walls and black counter top, along with large mirrors on the wall
a walk in shower sitting inside of a bathroom next to a white wall and floor
Olivier_Nelson Residence by _naturehumaine - Design Milk
Olivier_Nelson Residence by _naturehumaine - Design Milk
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Agglomerated white marble with contrasting inclusions. The cutting-edge technology and versatility we have developed over the years have resulted in four main line of Agglotech terrazzo — Classico. Our traditional terrazzo with mid-sized marble chips is a favorite in the fashion, luxury-goods and interior-design industries for the undisputed elegance of its color tones.
the diagram shows how to install an adjustable shower head and handrail for this bathroom
Point-Supported Canopy Systems
two hands holding up a square tile on top of a wooden table
Terrazzo Tiles | Terrazzo Flooring | TileCloud
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use it's own toilet area
Møt arkitektene bak prosjektene - Astrid Maria Sætren - Modena Fliser
a bathroom with two sinks and three urinals