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an image of a horse that is in the water with its head down and another horse standing next to it
Some positivity in those stresfull days :) - Wholesome
a quote that says saw a quote that said
do you ever tell someone something and they don't react the way you wanted them to react and you imm
a black and white photo with the words i was told i was dangerousous, i asked why? they said because you don't need anyone that's when i smile
a black and white photo with the quote trust the overthinker who tells you they love you
Fashion Look Featuring Christian Dior Face Concealer and Christian Dior Lip Products by Emilymariesouza - ShopStyle
a woman standing in front of a dark sky with her hands on her face and the words, your feelings aren't random
Magnet to Magic
a black and white photo with the words, alpha females don't run in packs
Infidelity Quotes, You Cheated On Me, Respect Relationship, Cheated On, Respect Quotes, Cheating Quotes, Betrayal Quotes, You Cheated
24 Wise AF Quotes To Help You Heal Your Broken Heart
a painting with the words self - control is strength
15 Deep Healing Quotes For Your Broken Heart
a woman sitting on top of a black beach next to the ocean with a quote
The 9 Helpful Solfeggio Frequencies That Heal Your Mind, Body And Soul