stairs to heaven...

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good sense of depth

The Shadow House / Liddicoat & Goldhill - looks like Hacienda bricks in charcoal.

great how this looks like a tree.. beautiful design..

Spiral staircase design is commonly built to represent the luxurious accent in the house also one of many solution to saving space. With spiral shape of stairs, it can be placed in the corner or ev…

wonderful addition for the kids.. (in all of us!)

Funny pictures about Spiral Staircase Slide. Oh, and cool pics about Spiral Staircase Slide. Also, Spiral Staircase Slide photos.

like a flower.. very cleverly designed.

crazy stairs 1 Try not to trip and fall on these crazy stairs photos)

quite trippy but more than anything you have to admire the workmanship that's gone into the handrail. that is no ordinary handrail. quite stunning. I wouldn't have it but I definately appreciate it.

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