andrey bogush

andrey bogush

andrey bogush
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Zelda Zonk at Préface Gallery, Paris

Geoffrey Farmer Work from “Let’s Make The Water Turn Black” at Kunstverein in Hamburg.

500 prints of the famous Windows XP wallpaper recreating the almost-as-famous Windows error, by Paul Destieu.

darksilenceinsuburbia: “ Elena Damiani Macelos The marbles are quiet indicators of the passage of time and place the viewer in front of a history that appears sluggishly inert and stable as the rock.

routine-routine: “ (please don’t remove credit) now selling online: limited editions by peter de potter. starting off with 5 different signed art prints. lambda c-type print.

Installation view of the exhibition, Guppy Jungle by André Piguet, June July Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Queensland, Australia.

Ryoji Ikeda, test pattern audiovisual installation at Carriageworks. Commissioned and presented by Carriageworks and in collaboration with Vivid Sydney.

jason rens

“pink/frequency” (home stage) 2012