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Mason jar lanterns, as far as I can see there isn't actually a tutorial on how to do it...but it seems pretty straightforward. Buy jar. Paint jar.

DIY handpainted mason jar lanterns- this is a link to someone that sells these painted jars. Would be cool to make your own, use in one of the hanging lights made with mason jars!

Sneak Peek of Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius' home

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Mosaic poppy

Carl and Sandra Bryant ART MOSAICS - FLORAL: A sampling of photos of floral mosaic artwork that have been sold. If you see something you like the artists can create custom mosaic art for a unique piece to fit your individual

Мозаичное Панно

I am pinning this as a reminder to no longer avoid grape patterns in embroidery (since I love to eat AND embroider them) but also the need to make them different shades and hues of re,purple etc.