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Body Language of Stressed Horses

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This is true also for "English" horses. The elastic on girths allow people to tighten their girths so tight. And Some of the synthetic ones have a bump right where this vein is causing even more distress.

This is a great chart for Western saddle cinch position outlining the external abdominal vein which you do not want to cinch over.

Hollow vs round frame horse diagram. (Now you finally get what your instructor is telling you)

underdarrensspell: “ Time for me to go on a wee little horse rant. So every horse person in existence has had to explain to a “non-horse person” at some point in their life that “you don’t just sit.

Don't place the saddle too far forward, on top of the shoulderblade

Saddle Placement: Avoid placing the saddle too far forward on top of the shoulderblade