This is a place I want to see while am here!

Random Inspiration #47

Frozen Lake Island, Alanko, Finland This looks like a wonderful place on our beautiful earth

Yummy I love these

Lingonberry ("puolukka" in Finnish). In Finland everyone can pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers, as long as they are not protected species.

When you see this you will know it is soon easter.true fact

Finns decorate willow branches at Ostara (Easter) with feathers and brightly colored paper. "Easter witches" deliver the branches and recite a poem in exchange for candy/treats.


Suomi Finland (by MsMoney). I´ve been to most of the places mentioned here. On this map you can see where our capital Helsinki is situated. <<< Lappeenranta is like my other home.

Super funny. How to learn Finnish


Eläinlajit how to learn Finnish easily and with humor . a hilarious link

Delicious I love these

At Christmas time my Mum always makes traditional Finnish Joulutorttu. Joulutorttu are pastry windmill-shaped tarts with a prune jam.

Jaffa the best soda in the world!!

Finlândia revê era de ouro do seu design

It's true

Meanwhile, in Finland. yep, I have experience of cycling in the snow, not funniest way to travel.


Russia warns Finland against joining NATO [Norway Today] - Does Finland want to start World War III? It's something to think about if Finland wants to join NATO, warns Russian President Vladimir Putin's personal envoy Sergei Markov.

This is delicious if you move here you have to try it 1 time

Twenty Iconic Finnish Snacks you need to try - Fazerin Sininen (Fazer Blue)

Angry Birds

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