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I like this traffic light behaviour management chart because it helps students with self-regulation. When children are misbehaving or make a bad choice, they will move their peg down a level. They will also have the chance to move up a level if their behaviour improves during the day. At the end of the day, they could colour in a face in their agenda to go home, which also communicates with parents the kind of day that their child had at school.

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This is the range of emotion and expression that is possible with the human face. This guy is moving - mouth, eyes, eyebrows. A great headshot technique is to throw out words and get your clients to make whatever face they want to convey that word. It doesn't have to make any sense, and a lot of times there's a genuine smile that comes right after making the silly face.

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Goal Setting for Back to School

okay, this kind of just sparked a thought that i needed to share.

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Possible poster ideas. Which step have you reached today? Great visual reminder of the importance of a can-do attitude.

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