hörhö professional

hörhö professional

hörhö professional
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Tint colors with a pastel skirt, jacket, and shoes.

madoka and homura

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Kaname Madoka and Akemi Homura

I found 'FRILL Angel Wing Backpack with Tail WHITE' on Wish, check it out!

If you don't have wings naturally, you can make them for yourself, DIY fairy kei!

ayubutts in Kodona/Boystyle.

Cute, Lolita shorts and knee highs

Lace Backpack with Wings. I could totally make this

Lace Backpack with Wings --- awesome backpack

Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny Backpack♥ ロリータ, sweet lolita, fairy kei, decora, lolita, loli, gothic lolita, pastel goth, kawaii, fashion, victorian, rococo, wa-lolita♥

Japanese Sweet Lolita Girls’ Pink & Blue Fashion in Harajuku

Blind Astronauts to Ground Control

Is This Boy Style Paradise?

Pick Your Size - Fairy Kei Bloomers Purple and Pink Cute Lolita BJD Doll MSD YoSD Art Body Kaye Wiggs SD Super Dollfie Minifee op Etsy, 15,20 €

Super adorable poofy bloomer shorts for your fun fashion BJDs! Has contrasting pink bows and pink pom pom trim. PICK YOUR

this is super cute. not sure if i'd wear it as a normal look but very possibly some takeaway pieces from this

Steampunk Couture Jumper shorts - I love Shorts with stockings, and these adorable button-front shorts with overall straps are AWESOME!

u2764 KawaiiFace.net u2764 u2665 u30edu30eau30fcu30bf Sweet Lolita Fairy Kei Lolita Loli Pastel Pastel Goth Creepy Kei Decora Victorian u2665

Omg this is better than my pastel goth bunny hoodie