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a yellow poster with an emoticive smiley face and glasses on it's side
Vitsit: Iäkästä rouvaa haastateltiin vanhainkodissa -
a yellow poster with some words on it
Vitsit: Kun englantilaismies halusi oppia venäjän kieltä -
a woman with her arms up in the air and two hands raised above her head
Ruotsalaiset aina tuppaavat... Wisdom, Manga, Markon, Demotivational Posters, Life, Quick
Ruotsalaiset aina tuppaavat...
Ruotsalaiset aina tuppaavat...
a cat is playing with a fish in the middle of it's caption
an old woman with glasses and a tiara on her head
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a table
a pink and yellow background with the words venalisessa saranasa tips on tehokampi kun suomesa
the words are written in different languages on an orange and yellow background with white letters
two cows standing next to each other near a fence with speech bubbles above them that say, tut - tut, mee kotiis, roosa, roosa, oot kannisa, and root
a man is holding wires in front of his face and the caption reads, mes valindan barnaise??
a poster with the words in different languages and an image of a cartoon character on it