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a blue table topped with lots of different types of knitting needles
multi-block pillow
an empty blue box is shown in the shape of a hexagon
Utiliser un carreau multi-blocs (suite) - Dentelles et créations de Gibritte
Le carreau multi-blocs est bien pratique pour un ouvrage long comme une écharpe, par exemple. Le carton principal est à dupliquer, au moins une fois. Après avoir fait les photocopies, on colle les schémas sur des cartons (pas trop fins car ils seront...
a wooden box that has some blue squares in it
Bobbin Lace Pillows
Making a block pillow DIY I like the idea of a carrying case with a lid that allows for th height of the pins.:
a person is holding a cup in their left hand and the other hand has something on it
make your own bobbin lace pillow: bolster pillow
make your own bobbin lace pillow: bolster pillow – Bobbin Lace Making
an old roll of toilet paper sitting on top of boxes
Фото 850713748055 из альбома Оборудование.Из интернета.. Смотрите в группе Русское кружево. в ОК
a pair of scissors is attached to a piece of wood
a wooden cat sculpture sitting on top of a red tablecloth covered floor next to a blue and white wall
three wooden stand with hats on them next to a stone wall
a woman standing in front of a bag with sticks sticking out of it on top of a table
La dentelle aux fuseaux, made in Espagne - LES HOBBIES DE CATHY
an art project made out of beads and wooden dowels on top of a table
Entre bolillos
Entre bolillos: 2017
the purse is being displayed on the table
a piece of luggage sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a wooden pole with an arrow pointing in the opposite direction
Almohada de bolillos Puzzle fabricada en lino. ¡Ya no es necesario levantar la labor para subirla!
an open book with drawings and instructions on it